Wiseling scam

Today, on 23rd of February I have been informed that someone is organizing a webinar concerning the Wiseling scam.

My photo and the name of my office is included to the invitation to that webinar. The webinar should take place tomorrow 24th of February 2021.

I have nothing to do with this webinar. Only yesterday I first heard about a company called "Wiseling Oy" and about the swindle they have created.

Today I have learned that the swindlers have pretended to be Finnish. Accoding to the media their names are fake and the company has been registered with false information about board members etc. They have no office in Finland. The address on their web page is fake.

I am not assisting anyone to restore his or her money from Wiseling.

If someone claims that there is a fund-raising campaign for the legal costs in this matter, I can announce that I have nothing to do with that and there is a risk that a campaingn like that would be a new scam.

Please be careful!

Markku Fredman

PS. I just heard that they require $ 100 entrace fee to the webinar. That is a scam. There will be no webinar! Do not pay!


Bank of Finland:

The Bank of Finland has no contract with Wiseling Oy


Helsinki police on 24th of February 2021:


Helsinki police on twitter on 25th of February 2021:


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