Services and pricing with effect from 1.10.2014

Our firm primarily handles civil, criminal and administrative cases for private clients. The majority of the civil cases concern family law (property division, as well as estates). We also have notable experience in European Arrest Warrant and extradition cases.

Hourly fees (includes. VAT 24%)

Charge for routine matters 248 € / h
Charge for special expertise 260,40 – 297,60 € / h

All our prices include value added tax 24 %. Please note that clients who are resident outside of the EU are not liable for VAT and accordingly we charge the above mentioned fees less VAT 24 % for those clients. A fee is not charged for the first phone consultation or preliminary e-mail exchange if they do not lead to our office taking on the assignment.

Legal expenses insurance usually covers legal expenses for private persons and companies in civil matters and in criminal cases for the complainant. If one does not have a legal expenses insurance, it is also often possible to receive legal aid in court matters, in which case our fee is either partially or completely paid for by the state.

Our invoicing is based on the time used on an assignment. For individual telephone conferences and other small tasks we usually always charge a minimum of 12 minutes (0.2 hours).

In general it does not take longer than 1-1.5 hours to draft and witness a simple marriage settlement agreement or a simple will. Therefore the fee for these basic form documents is 248 – 372 €. In addition the local register office charges separately for the registration of the marriage settlement. If drafting the document requires more than 1.5 hours of work, we charge according to the above mentioned hourly fees for the whole assignment.

The costs that authorities collect and other expenses are invoiced separately. For example for travel expenses we invoice 0.53 €/km and for large amounts of printing and photo-copying we invoice 0.37 €/ black and white page.


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Attorneys Markku Fredman and Ulf Månsson are the Partners at Fredman & Månsson.

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