Six months since MEPs voted, but still no sign of action on pre-trial detention in Europe

Fair Trials International and lawyers from across Europe have  today written to MEPs expressing concern about the failure to tackle unjustified pre-trial detention in the EU, which the Commission itself estimates costs almost €5 billion each year and unnecessarily ruins lives. It is six months today since the European Parliament overwhelmingly supported a resolution to raise standards on the use of pre-trial detention. The European Commission has not stated what action it will take, despite having launched a consultation on the issue more than a year ago.

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The letter, which is signed by 23 lawyers from 15 jurisdictions, urges MEPs to renew their calls on the European Commission to take action. The letter points out that pre-trial detention should only be used when strictly necessary, for example, to protect witnesses or preserve evidence. If pre-trial detention is justified, detainees must have: facilities to prepare a defence; confidential communications with their lawyer; and a regular review of whether detention remains necessary. The letter calls for:

• New EU laws setting minimum standards for the use of pre-trial detention;
• Effective use of the European Supervision Order and other alternatives to pre-trial detention;
• Deferred extradition under European Arrest Warrants, until the case is ready for trial; and
• Steps by the EU towards establishing a one year maximum pre-trial detention limit.

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